In an effort to cut down on false alarms, Nassau and Suffolk County Police Departments have both instituted alarm registration programs. These programs allow registered home and business owners two free false alarms, but unregistered alarm owners will be assessed a fee for every false alarm that the police respond to. While Nassau has had this program for some time, Suffolk has just begun its program, and it will not take effect until June, 2016.

While the registration is “required,” failure to register, for now, only means that you will be charged for the first false alarm. The decision to register or not, therefore, is a purely economic one, based on how many false alarms you have had or anticipate having. However, if the county regulations change (and we will continue to monitor them), then it may be required to obtain a permit for your alarms.

It is important that all new homeowners know that registrations from previous homeowners do not carry over, and upon purchasing your home, you will need to reregister the alarm system.

Suffolk County’s registration fee for new alarm registrations is $50 for homeowners and $100 for businesses. The registration link is available here, from the Suffolk County website.

Nassau County’s registration fee is $100 for homeowners and $150 for businesses. Unlike Suffolk, the Nassau County registration lasts for two years, but also unlike Suffolk, the renewal fee is not any lower than the original registration. Click here to go register.