I-9 (Read about the changes in the I-9 Form here)


NYS IT-2104


Wage Theft Protection Act Forms and Information

Obamacare/Affordable Care Act Business Forms

Health Insurance Information Form for companies that offer coverage

Health Insurance Information Form for companies that do not offer coverage



Document Location Information Sheet – If something should happen to you, would your loved ones know where to find your will, Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy? Would they know who to contact? This form allows you to list your advisers (attorneys, accountants, insurance and financial advisers) and mark where you have stored all the important documents that people might need in order to help you.

End of Life Information Sheet – The top half of this form asks for information taken from the death certificates for New York and New Jersey. By having the information available, it makes a difficult time easier on your loved ones, who would be able to refer to this page instead of having to search through papers or memories.