Probate and Estate Administration

One of the most difficult times can be after suffering a loss – and the last thing that anyone wants to think about is dealing with the courts.  Meyer and Associates has handled probate and estate administrations before and is familiar with the quickest and best ways to handle everything.  Our firm can take your information and prepare all of the documents.  We work with CPAs to prepare any final tax returns.  We help lessen the burden to ensure that this is as easy a time as possible for everyone involved.

Our probate services include:

  • Filing for Letters Testamentary
  • Assisting with the transfer of property from the estate to the beneficiaries
  • Filing deeds to transfer real property from the estate
  • Assisting the Executor in the event that a challenge to the Last Will and Testament is brought

Probate and estate administration matters are usually billed at a flat fee.