Business Law

Meyer and Associates provides a wide array of services to businesses of all sizes – from formation and initial document drafting, to ongoing contract review and even mergers and acquisitions.  We are able to assist in document review, due diligence and negotiations.

Meyer and Associates can also provide legal checkup services, reviewing your business’s legal health – looking at the status of contracts, the legality of your employee manual and policies, and your document retention policy among other things.    By taking a proactive approach, you can shut down problems before they occur and protect your business.

We are also able to draft the important documents that your business will rely upon – from contracts and non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements to operating/partnership agreements and buy-sell agreements.  These documents are crafted to achieve your goals and protect your interests, taking into consideration the tax and legal implications of each decision.

For our clients, Meyer and Associates also offers a retainer program, allowing business owners to predict some of their legal fees and never have to worry about calling. Please contact us for more information on this program.


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